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Ameera Paone is an award winning professional bellydance artist, instructor, performance coach and choreographer. She has been performing in the Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Canfield, Youngstown, and surrounding Northeast, Ohio area. She started her bellydance journey in 2006, and her love of the dance continues to blossom today. She began her education in Middle Eastern dance with a focus on Oriental and Egyptian styles of bellydance, and expanded her desire for knowledge of the dance to include Khaliji, Turkish, Andalusian, Sambra, Folkloric, Lebanese, and Polynesian influences of bellydance. Ameera also cross trains in ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary. Her style can be characterized as elegant, emotional, energetic, and exciting.  

Ameera's passion of the Middle Eastern culture grew as she began an intense study of the Arabic language and Middle Eastern Culture at Kent State University while obtaining her Bachelor's Degree. This has provided her with a well-rounded education in both Middle Eastern dance, music and culture.

As a student, Ameera has had the privilege of learning from many highly respected bellydance instructors and musicians who have played an influencial role in developing her unique and signature style. Her first inspirational teacher was Egyptian style bellydancer, Angela Prato. Ameera's passion for bellydance flourished, and she began taking lessons from many bellydance instructors in NE Ohio, including Leyla Soleil with a focus on Oriental style technique. In 2008, Ameera began studying with Grammy Nominated master percussionist and musician, Souhail Kaspar, where she learned the Middle Eastern rhythms, instruments, and developed a strong sense of musicality. In 2009, Ameera was honored to accompany Souhail Kaspar and assist in teaching a musicality workshop in North Carolina. Shortly thereafter, Ameera began studying technique with Soraya Raqs until she moved out of state. As Ameera continued her bellydance training, she began to study classical dance from Natalie Orr-Andrea. During Ameera's training with Natalie, she focused on strong lines, arms, and stage presence.

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Outside of belly dancing, Ameera is also a professional model, belly dance instructor/coach and choreographer.


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